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This is a special edition of the TarotScopes. As we look forward to 2009, we anticipate a year that represents having to face and deal with some harsh truths, but also the opportunity to transcend what has been in order to bring about new and real, long lasting change in ourselves and in the world. It's a year in which we look beyond ourselves to the greater good of all and opportunity to bring about significant life changes as well as global changes. This edition of the TarotScopes looks at what 2009 holds for each sign as an overall theme, focus or lesson along with a suggestion of herb, stone and animal totem that could support and benefit you in the upcoming year.

I wish you a year of peace, prosperity and transcendence to the next stage level in your life's path in 2009 !

A note on reading these TarotScopes. If you have had your astrological natal chart done, then you can use your sun, rising and moon signs to get a more well rounded sense of your month. Your rising sign is how you act in the world. Your sun sign indicates your deepest goals and wants in life (or, in this case, the primary goals and desires for the month). Your moon sign is your emotional self, how we respond emotionally and what we feel. Combine the TarotScopes for all three of those, and you get a much clearer picture of the energies affecting you for the month and the areas in which those energies will be most prevalent. If you only know your rising sign, that's fine and you can just go with that. If you would like to know your other signs, then I would suggest that you simply visit a website (it's free! 8) such as http://www.astro.com .


Card : Man of Wands (Actor) Reversed
Stone : Rhodonite (Talents)
Herb : Wild Ginger
Animal totem : Wolf (Mentor)

The reversed Man of Wands suggests that 2009 may be a year in which you are questioning who you are and the role(s) you are playing in life. It may be time to start changing roles, re-evaluating your self-identity so that what you do in the world is more reflective of who you feel you are now rather than representing who you were in the past (in a previous lifetime). Fear of going for it may get in the way of having opportunities that come be able to fully manifest and come to fruition in your life and/or in the way you would like them to. Ask yourself how and what you are not doing in order to create the life and destiny you want for yourself rather than allowing other people and things to shape your life and direction for you. Be willing to change things up, adapt, assess and understand who you are and what you want, and then be the star of your own life rather than a supporting player in someone else's.

Rhodonite is a stone that helps you to own your skills and talents so that you can put them to their greatest use, for yourself as well as the world around you. It is a stone that helps you to feel your self worth and live up to your potential. It assists you in accepting and capitalising on recognition, acknowledgement and accomplishment rather than pulling back into false modesty. Acknowledge your beauty and power. And be willing to share your skills and talents, letting yourself shine in the upcoming year, letting yourself shine and be seen for who you are and what you want to represent to the world rather than what they want you to be.

Ginger is an herb of love, money, success and power. Eating ginger before you do something helps to increase your power to manifest it. Sprinkling ginger on your purse/wallet or in your pocket aids in attracting money. Use ginger to feel more powerful, to own your power, to bring about success, to attract love and prosperity into your life.

Wolf is your ally in the coming year to remind you of the strength you have and that you possess greater understanding than you give yourself credit for. Trust your intuition and creative energies. Share with others and express yourself creatively and freely. Remember that your greatest mentor in life is, ultimately, yourself. Be honest with yourself and others about your relationships. Say what you feel. Give yourself space this year to assess the strengths of both yourself and your relationships. Don't give in to fear and insecurity, self doubts and fears. You have a reservoir of creativity waiting to be tapped into and utilised in both personal and professional arenas. This is a time to grow and develop yourself in both of those areas. Focus on creating for yourself a place (a house, a room, etc) of refuge, your own space where you can just be and create. Do not dwell on what you do not know, but trust what you do know and what your intuition, your inner voice, reveals to you (which means making time and space for it to be heard).


Card : IV Emperor Reversed
Stone : Garnet (Prosperity)
Herb : Astragalus
Animal totem : Eagle (Spiritual Power)

The IV Emperor calls upon you to make 2009 a year in which you come up with a Goal, Make a Plan, and then Decide how to put the plan in motion in order to arrive at the goal. The reversal suggests the need to shake things up, to examine your foundations in life and recognise what is no longer stable or secure so that you can go about making necessary changes rather than hoping against hope that it will just hold up a little while later and then finding yourself buried amongst the rubble because the foundation could no longer support the weight being put on it. Stubbornness and a refusal to take "no" as an answer will be extremely detrimental. Be careful not to push yourself to extremes, as this will have some very direct and serious health consequences. Relax into how things want and need to go rather than getting angry when things don't go your way or exactly as planned. Relax, breathe, and remain flexible and adaptable. Don't let ego get in the way of what can or needs to be done or heard. Work on putting father issues to rest and behind you rather than continuing to carry that burden and allowing it to define you and get in the way of who you can be, on your own terms and based on your own merits rather than the expectations and demands of others who are obstinate, overbearing and ego driven. Don't give in or play into the ego trips of others.

Garnet helps you to see the abundance and prosperity being offered to you, to see beyond your ego and what you expect to see in order to become aware of what is already available to you rather than only seeing what isn't possible, what you don't have and what can't be done. Garnet helps you to be able to ask for what you need that would serve your highest good and to recognise it when it comes to you, even if it doesn't come in the form or time that you expected it to. Acknowledge with gratitude what you already have. Take responsibility for utilising what you've already been given to its fullest potential instead of always wanting, needing, seeking more. Garnet can help to overcome the "never enough" syndrome.

Astragalus is an herb of creativity. It helps to increase energy and also aids in assimilation and digestion. This can be a literal aid for digestive issues. It can also help in being able to take in what comes to us and then put it to its best and greatest use, reaping all of its usefulness rather than just a fraction of it. Astragalus also greatly aids and supports the immune system. This can also indicate its usefulness to help fight off those things that get in our way or are not useful or productive to our goals. It helps in overcoming a lack of or poor assimilation of ideas, overcoming weakness, fatigue and sluggishness.

Eagle flies into your life in 2009 to remind you of your strengths while reminding you not to focus on your limitations. What can you do, what can be done in a situation rather than what can't. Eagle aids in dissipating darkness and negativity so that you can trust yourself to let your ideas take flight and your spirit to soar to new growth and new levels of understanding. Accentuate the positive. Strengthen your resolve. Release the past. Set higher goals for your health. Listen to what your own body is telling you rather than what others try to convince you it does or doesn't need...you can heal yourself. Let go of conventional thinking and approaches when it comes to personal and professional goals. Doing things in the same old way isn't going to get you to where you want to be. Let your imagination and creativity take flight as you trust in your ability to overcome obstacles and challenges rather than seeing them as reasons for giving up (or not trying in the first place). Get rid of the clutter. Travel to far away places.


Card : Woman of Cups (Rejoicer) Reversed
Stone : Tiger's Eye (Balance)
Herb : Basil
Animal totem : Dolphin (Breath)

When the Woman of Cups is reversed, there can be a tendency to be out of sorts emotionally, to react to things over emotionally, and perhaps to be dealing with depression. Let 2009 be a year in which you acknowledge these conditions and focus on taking action to deal with them rather than letting them overwhelm you and keep you stuck. Let 2009 be a year in which you mother yourself, focusing on your own emotional needs and health rather than letting your compulsion to make and keep everyone and everything else happy at the expense of yourself and your health. Be aware of when you are drawing others into your emotional state, needing them to feel the way you do, rather than allowing others to offer help and support in dealing with, healing and moving past issues. The reversal can indicate a tendency to forget to rejoice in and enjoy life. Make time to relax, breathe and just be, to just enjoy and float for a while rather than always needing to do, always needing to get someplace but never stopping long enough to enjoy yourself once you're there. There may be a need to be in or around water less during the year. The alternative would be to make time to be on land, on solid ground, to feel a sense of being rooted and connectedness to the Earth. Stop being wishy washy and start making things happen, stop dreaming about and hoping for things and start taking action to make them real and/or focusing on what is real and possible rather than fantasy. Seek out the support (group) you need in the year. Find a shoulder to cry on (and let yourself cry) rather than always providing the shoulder and remaining stoic but understanding.

Tiger's Eye helps us to be able to see all sides of a situation rather than immediately seeing or judging something/someone as right or wrong in the situation. It helps us to have the insight needed rather than being blinded to a particular viewpoint or aspect that may be beneficial in some way. It helps to maintain balance and neutrality. Be an impartial witness rather than getting emotionally caught up in what is going on and then making emotionally based decisions that may not be for the best (but were, instead, an emotional overreaction). Tiger's Eye reminds us and helps us to consider situations fully, to not make rash decisions, to not rush to judgement. It aids us in self discipline and self control.

Basil is useful for love, exorcism, wealth and protection. The scent of basil brings about sympathy between people and aids in soothing tempers. Carried in a pocket, basil helps to attract wealth to an individual. Kept in a cash register or on the door sill, it helps to attract customers to a business. Sprinkle basil powder over your body thoroughly while a over sleeps helps to bless a relationship and maintain fidelity. A small amount in each room provides protection. Basil given as a gift brings good luck to a new home.

Dolphin reminds you throughout 2009 to stop and breathe. Take time to focus on your breath. Count to 10 before responding to a negative or argumentative remark. Dolphin brings a breath of fresh air into your life so that you can feel free to leap into changes in your life. Relax, enjoy and breathe into the depth of change taking place. Go with the flow. Practice deep breathing in the coming year, breathing from the solar plexus. Conscious breathwork and mindfulness meditation are key things to consider introducing or building in the coming year. When stressed...breathe. When angry...breathe. When anxious...breathe. When still and at rest...listen to your breath. Stay focused and set a course. Dolphin is your companion. Listen to the deep wisdom dolphin has for you that it imparts through the stillness of your inner voice and the flow of your breath. Stay centred and grounded.


Card : 7 of Worlds (Breakthrough)
Stone : Rhodochrosite (Child Within)
Herb : Rhubarb
Animal totem : Owl (Perception)

The 7 of Worlds is a card that indicate a year in which you are confronted by but also able to overcome and breakthrough the obstacles and challenges that present themselves. Take a step back and look at what you've already accomplished and where you've come from. There may be clues in those things that indicate how to proceed and what is possible. This can be a year when the breakthrough you've been wanting or waiting for comes along. But it is a result of actions you've taken and the strength of your resolve and tenacity that these breakthroughs are possible rather than random chance. Focus on long term goals and investments rather than short term or get rich quick types of things. The need for TLC, cultivation, persistence and hard work are necessary. But the long term benefit and reward from those things will be real and great. Invest in the future. Work hard, sweat, and don't shy away from the labour that needs to be done. This is a year that can set you up for long term future stability and growth, so don't squander what you've got or neglect that which is still growing and in need of continued attention and care.

Rhodochrosite reminds you that you have done the work and are now growing up and beyond the wounded inner child. You are no longer bound by the old hurts and traumas. You've progressed in your healing process, and rhodochrosite can aid you in remembering what you've been through, what you've overcome, the breakthroughs you've made, so that you can continue focusing on and moving toward the future you want to create for yourself rather than being limited by and bound to your past. Rhodochrosite helps you to stop picking at old wounds so that they can heal completely rather than continuing to bleed. This is a stone that can also help you to stay in touch with that part of your inner child that allows you to enjoy life and be open to what it has to bring you fully and completely. It helps to maintain a sense of joy and fun towards life and in the way that we act in our life, keeping the spark of creativity, curiosity and wonder burning brightly (or re-igniting it) even when things seem dark and difficult. Rhodochrosite soothes and comforts you in challenging times.

Rhubarb is an herb that assists in protection and fidelity. It can help us remain grounded and centred, offering protection as we navigate through the twists and turns of life's path. Rhubarb aids in digestion, can relieve constipation. So use it or wear a piece around your neck to help you remove, push through and overcome the obstacles and blockages you may be facing. It can also help to stay true to a purpose or a goal rather than getting scattered or having too many things going on at one time.

The Owl helps you throughout 2009 to see beyond what others see so that you can gain a deeper and greater understanding and clarity. Owl stimulates the third eye and the ability to "know" what your physical mind isn't able to perceive. Keep a dream journal and pay attention to the messages your subconscious is trying to send you via means that go beyond the physical senses. Trust your instincts. Deal with the problem. Shine a light in the darkness. See things for what they are, not for what you fear they are. Be willing to swoop into action to reach resolution rather than letting problematic situations linger. Change the energy in your home by opening the windows for some fresh air, redecorate (or simply move the furniture around into a new arrangement, creating a new space), reduce and eliminate clutter. This is not a year for hesitation or fear. This is a year of having faith and moving forward by trusting and acting on your own innate wisdom and knowledge.


Card : Two of Cups (Equilibrium)
Stone : Black Tourmaline (Purification)
Herb : Whole Grains
Animal totem : Raven (The Messenger)

The Two of Cups can be a card that signals a year in which love is found and the burgeoning of a significant relationship takes root. This may be a romantic relationship or a deep and long lasting friendship that is in its infancy but really takes root and becomes something substantial with great potential for being long lasting. It might also be something that you have a relationship with (a job, a place, etc) that you will mesh well with and feel strongly connected to. This can be a call to partner up with someone who has similar hopes and dreams as you in order to bring those hopes and dreams into reality. There is a sense that things will flow smoothly and easily for you throughout the year. Connections will seemingly "just happen" that are at just the right time and will lead to just the right thing or the right next step. Let your emotions flow freely. Strive to stay emotionally balanced in light of and in reaction to things that occur throughout the year. Be open and accepting of the new into your life without looking at someone or something as better than another or more "normal" than something else. Remember that you choose how you feel. How you feel is not based on or the fault of someone or something else. So stay conscious of your emotional state and how you are choosing to react and respond, keeping your emotions in balance rather than being overly emotional in your reactions or suppressing all emotions so that you are overly controlling them.

Black Tourmaline helps you to understand the need for and take actions toward the purification process(es) needed in yourself and in your life. Old patterns are ready to be drained away. Ongoing negative energies around you are leeching your health and well being from you. Black tourmaline supports you in purifying yourself and your life of these, helping you to feel safe and protected in the process. It absorbs negativity, both from outside of yourself as well as your own negativity and pessimism, so that can push past the fear it might create in order to open to new possibilities and experiences, unafraid of going with the flow and where the current of life wants to take you, and what that same current wants to bring in to your life. Purify yourself through a ritual bath or a ritual steam in a sauna or sweat lodge (hold the black tourmaline or have it in the water while doing this). Purify yourself of toxins with a detox or cleanse of some sort. Drink lots and lots of water, and put the black tourmaline in the glass or in the pitcher of water to charge it with the energy of the black tourmaline so that you can have it working with you internally as well as externally.

Whole Grains are a tonic and are nutritive. They raise and regulate energy levels. Bring the purity of whole grains into your body to aid in returning to a healthy physical state of equilibrium providing the energy you need when you need it and avoiding feeling run down or having overdone it. Make a conscious effort to eat a more healthy and organic diet that avoids processed foods. Eat less meat and more whole grain foods. Whole grains help to balance the metabolism of the body which can aid in losing weight and getting maximum benefit from the foods that are eaten. Scatter whole grains on the Earth as a symbol of acknowledgement and gratitude for goals achieved and abundance realised.

Raven reminds you throughout 2009 that there are deeper and greater forces at work in the Universe that affect our life and how it unfolds. As much as we might like to think we can and do control everything, Raven reminds us to remember and accept that there are things out of our control that can be amazing if we simply relax into them. Raven compels us to listen to the messages we are receiving rather than ignoring them or being deaf and blind to them. There is magic in the air...connect to it. Let go of the fears brought about by the empty voice of limitation. Raven asks you to trust and step into the void in order to arrive at what is true and should be, but not necessarily what you might expect. To gain a feeling of well being you have to start working on your physical health by changing your lifestyle to one that supports and raises your energy level. Face change with courage and be willing to fly into the darkness rather than staying in the safety of the known and expected. Have no fear of the dark.


Card : Sage of Wands (Seer)
Stone : Hematite (Manifest Light)
Herb : Mistletoe
Animal totem : Whale (Singing)

The Sage of Wands tells us that you know...you just know. So make 2009 a year in which you act on what you know in order to bring your vision into full manifestation and reality. This is a year in which you have the potential for coming alive into the full passion of being and into the full heat of your personal power. Be a revealer and counsellor. Use what you know to be fearless in the realisation of your whole self...and then aid others in their process of self-realisation. This is a year in which you can energise and inspire others. Light the way. Be the visionary. Go big ! This can be a year for focusing on spiritual work and development, for taking yourself to that next level, that next step. Don't let your potential go to waste as this card indicates a year in which you can surpass what your potential may seem to be. Don't let your ego get out of hand as you become so amazed and impressed with yourself that others simply pale in comparison and you feel there is no other way to look at them but down. Seek out those who can help to illuminate the way and enlighten you as you travel your path and pursue your ambitions. Use your energy wisely, and be willing to share that energy and wisdom with others...putting it towards the service of others rather than just for yourself.

Hematite reminds you that part of your purpose here on Earth is to bring the Light of Spirit into the physical world through your creations, actions and words. You are a channel of light to the world around you. Hematite helps you understand how to focus that light to the greatest purpose and potential for yourself and the world around you. Hematite helps keep you grounded and centred as you experiences periods of greatness. Bring the spiritual into every aspect of your life...waking up, showering, eating, working, interacting, meditating, gardening, washing dishes, driving, sleeping.

Mistletoe is used for protection, love, fertility and health. Carry the leaves and berries for protection. A ring carved of mistletoe wood is worn to stave off sickness. Carrying mistletoe can aid in fertility and conception. Lay it near the bedroom door to aid in a restful sleep and pleasant dreams. It can also be placed beneath a pillow or hung on a headboard for this purpose. Kiss your love beneath a mistletoe and you'll stay in love. Burning mistletoe helps to banish and protect from negativity.

Whale sings the Great Song and assists you in the coming year in being able to sing your own song, to resonate to all that is true about yourself. Let that vibration dissipate all limitation in your life, and let your life's song be expressed for all to hear. Whale reminds you to take time for yourself so that you can breathe into the confusion in order to gain clarity and enlightenment. Let this be a year in which you learn (or remember how to) relax, meditate and unwind. Have inner strength, not outer susceptibility. Let your song drown out the noise of limitation. Listen within. Listen beyond the confusion, beyond the intensity, beyond the dogma. Whale can help you make this a year in which you resonate with where you belong in the Universe. Listen to the Great Song of the Universe, for it is there that you will hear Your Song. Listen.


Card : Six of Crystals (Confusion) Reversed
Stone : Sodalite (Journey)
Herb : Peony
Animal totem : Frog (Purity)

The reversed Six of Crystals indicates a year in which you out of and beyond confusion into a state of clarity, purpose and focus. If you take time to stop and breathe, then you can blow away the confusion with your exhalation, leaving only a sense of understanding and clarity within yourself. The reversal of this card indicates a year in which pain, guilt, shame and trauma that you have carried with you for such a long time is finally starting to dissipate and disappear as you begin to reap the results of the arduous healing process you have been undergoing. It's not over yet, but great strides are being made. Make sure that a fear of knowing or facing the truth is not cause for you to consciously choose to live in a state of confusion or denial. Face it. Deal with it. You can move past it. Let this be a year in which you forgive and forget. Information overload can cause indecision and paralysis of action. When you have what you need, take action, move on. Don't overwhelm yourself with information to the point of creating ever more confusion for yourself or a situation. Stop overthinking it and simply stay concentrated and focused on what is, not what might be, confusing yourself and those around you with a multitude of what if scenarios. Stop listening to all the external voices that have one different opinion and suggestion after another, and simply listen to and trust your own voice. Let your voice be heard.

Sodalite aids you in beginning a journey or process that may be difficult or challenging, but is always necessary. It also helps you to stay focused on that journey and continue forward, even when you feel like giving up. It helps you to look at assess what has gotten you into this situation or to this point, and then supports you in making the necessary decisions to change things and take action on those changes rather than staying stuck out of fear of what the process might entail. Sodalite encourages you to be willing to explore and try new things, to move beyond what you've known and who you've been in order to navigate the waters of change. Sodalite helps to keep us in the present so that we are aware of where we are and what we've created in order to understand where we're going to and why. Choose a direction, and allow Sodalite to guide you down the proper path by helping you hear your inner voice loud and clear.

Peony is a plant of protection. Wearing it helps to protect the body, heart, mind and soul. Placed in the home or garden it helps to protect against negative energies coming in. Peony is also an herb of intuition. It aids with internal circulation on both a physical level as well as an energetic level. It helps to keep us attuned to our inner voice.

Frog hops into your life in 2009 in order to help reassess and take stock of where we're at, what we need to be doing, what needs to change. Is your outer and inner self out of sync with one going through the motions while the other tires and knows that those are no longer the actions needed to be on the right path ? The old is being washed away to make way for the new. Let go of the old and open yourself up to the new. See yourself in a new light rather than only seeing the old you. Frog reminds you that are allowing your life to be as it is. Which also means that you can change it if you want to be different. But you have to do what is necessary for those changes to take place. Stop making excuses and finding justifications to avoid do what needs to be done. It's time to take responsibility for your own life and how you want it to be rather than using the excuse of what happened in the past to be the avoidance to changing the present and creating a different and healthier future. It's time to re-evaluate your life...where are you going, what do you want, and what needs to happen in order for those realisation to become a reality ? It's time to repair the damage and move on rather than wallowing in the pain. Frog brings you purity of essence and clarity of evolution.


Card : VI The Lovers
Stone : Earth
Herb : Turmeric
Animal totem : Buffalo (Sacredness)

The Lovers card indicates 2009 to be a year in which it is vital to strive for harmony while accepting the nature of duality and that duality doesn't have to mean opposition (i.e. inability to coexist). This is a year of choices, when we have to deal with the crossroads in our lives that we are faced with and decide whether we are going to choose to continue to play it safe and take the expected, familiar route or choose to take on the challenges of moving in a different direction, doing things a different way, going in the direction that we know is right even though we don't quite know what it might entail or where we might end up. The choice is yours. But the safe, familiar and easy way will, without fail, bring us around to this crossroads again (and again and again). You may encounter or develop a relationship that seemed destined...the Lovers card indicating a karmic connection that transcends just this lifetime. Do not resist those to whom you are attracted. Seek out the different...engage the opposition...find the centre. Live and thrive with and in ambiguity and contradiction. Engage in emotional intimacy. Express your sexuality. Heal through touch. Maintain a philosophy of oneness. Share.

Earth reminds you that all of your needs and resources are available to you now for the asking. Be sensual. Engage the physical senses. Go outside and commune with the Earth. Remember what the natural world feels like. Be naked. Draw upon the resources you have. Ask for what you need. Don't underestimate what you already possess. Do meditations and exercises for grounding and connecting with the Earth. Get your hands dirty. Play in the snow. Go camping. Sit outside and read or with your computer rather than inside. Now it is the time to undertake the tasks that you have been putting off as too daunting or impossible. What or who you need to do them will be there.

Turmeric is an herb of purification. Mix salt water and turmeric then sprinkle in the area to be purified. Turmeric can also be scattered around the perimeter of an area for protection. Turmeric is also a stimulant and can be added to food in order to boost energy levels and metabolism rates. If you want to get things moving, flowing and circulating, use a bit of turmeric.

Buffalo is your reminder in the coming year about the power of great strength used in a controlled and focused way. Recognise sacredness in every aspect of your life and everyone else's, even in things like unhappiness, anger, failure, etc. Only with proper perspective are you able to truly understand. Honour yourself and others. Respect and take care of your body. Ask for help when needed. Give help when asked. Straighten out your priorities. Make a strong statement. Act with great determination and resolve. When you have the power to make choices and decisions to go in the direction you know you need to go rather than what is safe, easy and familiar, you will empower yourself.


Card : Five of Wands (Oppression)
Stone : Zincite (Creation)
Herb : Elecampane
Animal totem : Snake (Change)

The Five of Wands offers you a year in which brainstorming with others, hashing things through, and tossing out ideas to see what sticks are key to figuring out what can, needs and will be able to get done. There can be struggles to deal with, but it's important to be willing to get in there and hash them out rather than letting them go unattended, which could lead to a far worse blow up. Defuse situations rather than letting the boil to the point of explosion. If it seems as if there will be a challenge or battle to accomplish something, the Five of Wands indicates that it is a battle worth fighting. Be willing to parry, to engage in a back and forth with others in order to come up with something completely different and original from what any one individual might have come up with or done it on their own. There may be a sense of going through a process of re-evaluating who you are and what you believe. Don't be afraid of such a process. Embrace it and engage in it. You are changing. Trust that it can be for the better to wrestle with these changes rather than staying stuck in old ways of thinking, believing and acting. This is a card of striving for more, reaching higher. Don't let anyone or anything (including yourself) keep you down or convince you that you can't do something. Go for it, reach for it, see what comes of it rather than not doing it at all. There's a sense you've been going through the motions. And the Five of Wands is that fire under your butt that gets you moving and motivated again. The Five of Wands can also relate to sexual energy, and this may be a year in which you are fired up, so to speak, that you re-ignite your passions and desires, that you feel romantic and sexual. It could also be a year in which you decide to change things up and try some new things, do a bit of experimentation, expand your sexual horizons beyond the obvious or familiar.

Zincite helps to bring forth the creativity within yourself that is needed in order to deal with a situation or make something happen. The energy of creativity is rooted in sexual energy. Channel that energy into creating what you want in your life and taking yourself to a higher level. Don't let this energy control you but, instead, let 2009 be a year in which you focus on harnessing and controlling that energy in very specific ways, both sexually and towards going after and manifesting what you want in your life now. Be playful and creative as zincite reminds you and helps to draw out this child like way of approaching all things in life. Zincite is a powerful ally in helping you to create and manifest new ideas, experiences, and abundance in your life. Embrace the new. Embrace the possibility of change. Embrace the energy and power and satisfaction and release of reaching for more and going higher. Nothing and no one can stop you if you let this energy flow freely and give in to what it asks of you.

Elecampane is an herb of love, protection and psychic powers. You can wear it to attract love (or that which you desire), especially when some of the leaves and flowers are wrapped in a pink cloth. It can also be carried for protection. Burn elecampane as an incense to help open up and enhance your psychic abilities.

Snake helps you in 2009 to rise above problems. Snake energises the power of spiritual growth, psychic development, reproduction and sexuality. Snake creates passion and desire, birth and vitality. It also creates focus, learning, judgement, direction and empowerment. It helps to give you determination, creativity and zeal. Snake helps to bring about a rebirth as you shed the old skin to welcome, embrace and go after the new you. Snake helps to bring about change...perhaps a new relationship, perhaps a new adventure into the realm of sexuality, perhaps a new relationship with your sexual drive and sexuality. Snake helps to energise a tremendous rush of positive energy and a desire to accomplish and achieve something, to go after what you desire, to give in to your passions. Snake calls upon you to change your environment so that it supports, encourages and reflects the new you rather than being a reflection of the old, a space where you can express yourself freely rather than feeling limited and restricted. Snake helps you trust the process of releasing all attachment to security (the safe, the familiar, the old) in order to give yourself over to the brand new as you embrace new experiences and embark upon the process of creating an all new you.


Card : Man of Cups (Surfer)
Stone : Amazonite (Personal Truth)
Herb : Lobelia
Animal totem : Bear (Contemplation)

The Man of Cups indicates a year in which you are likely going to find yourself achieving a sense of emotional maturity and stability. You seem to be reaching a point of healing, or you may have found the right person to aid you in your healing process. This can be a year in which you are experiencing a depth of emotion and connection to yourself and the world around you that goes beyond what you might have known or experienced before. A relationship may feel as if it has grown and reached a new level. You may come into a relationship with someone who is emotionally stable and giving. This is a year in which you understand how to be in control of your emotions while also allowing yourself to be emotionally expressive, when control doesn't (have to) mean holding back or holding in. Strive for emotional openness and trust. It's okay. And the person you're opening up to will likely not betray that trust. Be conscious of your emotional states so that you can maintain an emotional equilibrium, knowing which emotions to go with and which to let pass. Let this be a year in which you are willing to do some exploration and healing work around those emotions that may have been deeply buried because they are scary emotions to navigate and deal with. Be willing to dive into those emotions in the coming year in order to understand them. Go with the flow and relax into where the current of life wants to take you while understanding that you only have control, ultimately, over yourself. The Man of Cups calls upon you to make this a year in which you develop yourself emotional, spiritually, creatively and psychically. Go within to discover what is in the depths. Go deeper in order to immerse yourself. And then let what you discover be brought forth and flow out into the world to connect with and benefit others as well.

Amazonite helps you to remember the importance of expressing your personal truth through your words and actions. Live according to your truth in order to gain a sense of trust in yourself, first, and then to be able to open up and trust others. Amazonite helps us to stop living our life in order to please others. Amazonite helps us to stop hiding our feelings in order to not cause waves and upset anyone or anything, but to instead be willing to let our feelings be expressed in a way that is honest and truthful without being malicious and with harmful intention. You don't have to make someone feel guilty in order to let them know they have done something to hurt you. Saying you're sorry can be far more healing than letting something go unacknowledged so that there is always an undercurrent of anger or resentment or hurt. Amazonite helps you to declare your mind and heart openly and honestly, to no longer repress how you feel or what you have to express to the world out of fear that it might upset.

Lobelia is an herb used to attract love. It is also used to stop an oncoming storm. This can be an herb that can assist in halting the oncoming tempest of an argument or emotionally upsetting situation, perhaps helping to remind us to express ourselves and deal with the situation when it happens rather than letting it build up and up and up to a hurricane of massive proportions. A little rain never hurt anything. A massive hurricane can destroy everything in its path. Lobelia is used for asthma and lung problems. It can help us to remember how to breathe in order to calm down and deal with things in a more focused and conducive manner.

Bear reminds you throughout the coming year that in order to achieve what we aspire to, we need to go within. Listen to the inner voice, for it holds the guidance we seek if we are simply willing to quiet ourselves and listen. You know what you need, now quiet the external chatter in order to hear what your own inner voice is trying to reveal to you. Bear is a harbinger of deep and great transformation. Bear helps us to be patient, to wait and to listen when it comes rather than forcing it to come when we want or expect it to. Bear helps us to remember what we really want, and to then be willing to make the necessary changes in order to start fresh and anew in order to create our lives as we really want them to be rather than simply settling for how they are because that's easier and safer. There is nothing in life that can't be changed. So be patient in waiting and listening for the guidance and answers your seek. But then, when they come, take action ! You can only get to the next step by taking the first one. Your intuition may be working overtime in the coming year. Keep a dream journal...always have something on hand to make a note of those flashes of inspiration and intuition when they come, for they will likely come at any moment.


Card : I Magician
Stone : Herderite (Evolution)
Herb : Mullein
Animal totem : Blank

When the Magician card appears, it indicates 2009 as a year that signals the beginning of a new major cycle or phase in your life. This is a year for taking the first step towards realising a vision, beginning something new, coming up with the vision that you want to create and manifest in your life. "As Above, So Below," says the Magician, so if you can enVision it, you can make it happen. The Magician indicates a year in which all the resources necessary for you to get started will be in place. It's up to you to make use of them and start working towards what you want to bring into being. This is your year, so make the most of it ! There's no longer any reason to put off what you've been wanting to do. The Magician is about willing things into existence. Work your magic this year and you may be surprised at just what you're capable of doing and bringing into existence. Transform yourself, transform your life, transform the world ! Communicate your visions and feelings with passion and inspiration. Open yourself up to the world of possibilities that lie before you this year instead of limiting your field of vision. Be quick, take action, be spontaneous, remain adaptive, be inventive !

Herderite brings about an awareness of your part in transforming humanity as a whole. It helps you have a vision that goes beyond just yourself to the greater whole and the impact you can make on it. Herderite heralds a time of great change and supports you in being willing to make changes and get started on those things that can bring about significant transformation in your own life that will then ripple out to impact and change the world around you in a major way. This is a stone that reminds you that, as this is a time of change, it is only through your vision, thoughts and actions that this change can begin to take place. Are you putting your resources to their fullest and greatest use ? If you are feeling compelled to move in a particular direction in life, then Herderite helps to accept and be willing to take action to start going in that direction, dissipating the fears and negative voices both internal and external.

Mullein is an herb of courage, protection, health, love, divination and exorcism. Bring some into your life in order to bring about the courage to go after your vision and believe that it can be made a reality. Use mullein to exorcise the doubts, worries and stress around starting something new so that you are open and willing to take the first steps on the journey towards the manifestation of your vision. Mullein can be hung over doorways, in windows or carried in sachets to guard against negativity and keep out unwanted influences. Place a bit of mullein under your pillow to ward off nightmares and to bring about oracular information from your dreams.

Your Animal Totem has not yet appeared. This could indicate that you are your own power "animal" this year, recognising and putting into action your innate sense of direction and magic to bring about what you are wanting. Additionally, it may be a primary focus for you in the coming year to pay attention to what animal spirit wants to be your totem and guide on the coming journey as you start making changes and begin a new phase in your life. Perhaps you already have an animal totem that you work with, and this would be the one to focus on utilising and listening to in the coming year. When an animal crosses your path, ask it if it has appeared to be your guide in the upcoming year and along the journey upon which you are embarking.


Card : Sage of Worlds (Master)
Stone : Azurite (Insight)
Herb : Saw Palmetto
Animal totem : Spider (Destiny)

The Sage of Worlds indicates that you have accomplished and achieved many things. Let this be a year in which you acknowledge them with gratitude for what you have and what you've been able to do, and then make time to enjoy the fruits of your labours rather than always wanting, needing, looking for more. This is a card that heralds a year of abundance and achievement. There is a bit of King Midas in this card, the ability to turn everything to gold that you touch. You have to be willing to do the work, stay organised, have a plan, but rest assured, it can be done. A stabilising of finances, housing, work, and other material or physical aspects of life is indicated. It may be time for you to take your work to the next level. This is a card that indicates a mastery of experiencing and craft. Now it's time to fulfil and be rewarded for what you've done and the level you've worked your way up to. Your achievements and productivity are direct reflections of your character. Let this be a year in which what you do reflects who you are...walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. Don't underestimate your value or your capability, for the Sage of Worlds is a Master and able to make anything and everything work. Settle down. Commit to being in something for the long term rather than maintaining a constant state of transition and transience. Focus on quality output rather than quantity. Give back to the world, share your wealth and resources (even if that's just time). You have a lot to offer based on your experience. Perhaps this is a year in which you become a mentor, someone who helps train others in that which you are experienced and have perfected. Stay focused, practical and pragmatic. See yourself as a master craftsman, an expert, an old pro. Be careful that you don't assess everyone and everything just in material terms or based on surface judgements. It's time to harvest what you've been labouring towards. You've accomplished, you're coming in to your own...and it may be time to ask yourself, "Now what ?" Engage the senses this year by being a more sensual being. Experience the pleasure of touching and being touched.

Azurite helps you to use your insight to perceive the true nature of a situation in order to see what needs to be done and to take the appropriate actions. Azurite helps to see beyond the surface in order to understand what's really going on and what is really needed, to analyse the foundation and determine if it is strong and solid or where the cracks are that need to be dealt with. Azurite helps you to operate on a level that goes beyond just the physical, to turn inward and apply your knowledge, experience and work to the inner planes and the work that needs to be done there as well.

Saw Palmetto can be used to manage stress levels, prevent hair loss, support prostate health. It can help increase energy levels. It is an amazing herb for defence on the level of the body, and energetically to provide necessary protection from obstacles and challenges in order to get things done. Saw palmetto can be used as an aphrodisiac by making a tonic made of macerated saw palmetto berries mixed with gin, spices and sweetened with honey. This can be particular useful for sex magic and tantric work. Use saw palmetto to tap into and harness the sexual energy that is at the root of all our creativity and ability to manifest and bring forth into the world.

Spider energy is an incredibly powerful creative force for your to tap into throughout the coming year. It comes to you this year to help you either tear down and build anew in your life, or to recognise a solid foundation and to build upon it. Spider helps you to re-evaluate and redefine relationships in your life. What needs to be torn down ? What is solid and can be built upon ? Use the creativity of Spider to begin to see what it is that you really want. And then determine if what you are doing in your life and with your life aligns with what you really want. Is there deeper meaning and purpose to what you're doing ? Or is what you're doing in life devoid of a spiritual foundation that can give it greater purpose and effect ? Be expansive rather than getting stuck in the rut of same old same old.

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