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My name is HiC (pronounced High Cee). And yes, it's my real name since birth (father's name was Hiram, grandfather's name was Charles, so they combined the HiC from the two for my name). I grew up in the midwest (Kansas City, Missouri) but have lived in California since 1987.

I work as a Tarot Reader, which I've been doing since 1998...a far cry from what I studied in college (two degrees, one in TV/Film, the other in French...the first for professional reasons, the latter for personal reasons). And a universe away from how I grew up (Southern Baptist fundamentalist). I have studied Buddhism, and I have a strong basis and foundation to my philosophy towards life and how to live it based on that. I am also a Kemetic Wiccan. This means that I study and follow a Wiccan path; it also means that my primary cosmology and deity focus is Kemetic, that is to say, on the Egyptian pantheon, which also includes the study and practice of ancient Egyptian spirituality and heka (magic). I'm always looking for others to chat with or study and practice with, so if you're in the area and looking for the same, feel free to send me a message.

Related to the resonance Zen and Buddhism have for me is my study of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. I have a lesson once a week (since 2002) and it really is the highlight of my week because for the couple of hours that I am in the tea room, I am taken out of the reality of everyday existence and simply float, for lack of a better description, in a space of awareness, concentration, appreciation, learning (of the Japanese culture). And when I come out of the tea room, the world seems to be a bit lighter and shimmery, as if the otherworldly aspect of being in the tea room as switched places and become reality, creating a sense of illusion and dreaminess to the everyday world (of course, reality is simply an individual illusion for each one of us, but I'll not go into that here 8). And this is really just another example of ritual in my life, which is also a big part of the Kemetic and Wiccan aspects of my life, too. I love ritual, creating it, facilitating it, taking part in it. And it's nice to have the variety of ritual in my life (tea ceremony/buddhism, wiccan, kemetic) rather than just doing the same ritual or same type of ritual over and over again week in and week out.

If you are French, speak French or just love all things French, then we're likely to become very fast friends 8>. Parlez-vous français ? Alors, parlez-moi !

I love music and find it difficult and quite unnecessary to determine a particular genre or type for categorisation purposes. With a CD collection of 1600 and growing (though the number is likely far greater since the past couple of years have simply been mostly digital purchases 8), my tastes can be all over the map with the key component really being what appeals to me. I will say that I love Pop Music, but I think of Pop Music as having little definition and boundaries. And I love anything that makes me dance whether it's an ace trance track or a track from a Bollywood movie.

Comment, ask, reveal...I approach everything with no judgement and an infinitely open mind and curiosity. I am also more than willing (perhaps to a fault) to answer pretty much anything someone asks me, so don't hesitate to do so.

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