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Card of the Day
Priestess of the Serpent Sisterhood

Herbal Ally

Ponder this ...
• Can I rest and wait, allowing the inner process to complete before taking outward action ?
• Am I relinquishing what has been in order to be fully ready and able to step into what is coming ?
• Can I make way for the unfamiliar rather than staying too firmly stuck in the comfort and safety of the familiar ?

Serpent of Fire, Rise Above
Filled with unconditional Love
From the base of my spine to my heart
Your ascending fire now does start
To cleanse, to release, begin, begin !
Rebirth of my Self now from within
From my heart to the crown of my head
Burning away energies dying or dead
Igniting new life, new love, new fire
Serpent of Fire, Rising, Rising Higher !

~ Alana Fairchild

Something stirs deep within us.
Something is awakening, stretching.
Something is shifting, changing, preparing for new birth.

We are being asked to relinquish our grip on the old, shedding those things that no longer serve us or really represent who we’ve become and who we envision ourselves becoming.

We need to be in greater awareness of our power to affect the world around us through our thoughts, words, actions. Right now, we can easily overdo and create havoc or harm by speaking before thinking, underestimating our influence or ability and coming on too strong, pushing too hard, doing too much all at once.

Relax back into a coiled resting position and state.
Observe rather than react.
Research rather than strike.
Absorb rather than spew.
Go along for the ride rather than steamroll over.

We are allowing the hibernation and moulting period to run its course, conscious of a shift in power, preparing to step into a stronger, more courageous, more vibrant Self ready to move forward into a future vision rather than stay trapped in a past mistake.

But we have to be fully ready, rested, and recharged in order to capture and take advantage of the full potential that will be the creative spark of what is to come.

It’s not that far off … but, for now, we rest, we wait, and we remain ready.

Image : Isis Oracle

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